Meet our authors

Ana Cerovac

Ana Cerovac is a comparatist, writer, hiker and sometimes even an employee. She writes fantasy fiction more than she is willing to publish it, and reads it half as much as she really should. Having discovered the charms of historical fantasy, she is currently writing the adventure trilogy Between the Eagle and the Lion, which is why you might find her wandering around Istrian ruins, stalking honest librarians, and even receiving awards.

She sprays her discoveries and flashes of motivation over Facebook since she keeps forgetting the login for her website. Her favorite author quote is: “You know you are a writer when you don’t know what else to be if you weren’t one.“

Sometimes her sentences can even be comprehended.

Vesna Kurilić

Vesna is a scorpio, a ukulele player and great lover of low maintenance house plants. Her first novel (in Croatian) about a werewolf pack on the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire earned her several national awards and made her rethink this whole writing business. Her current release is the sapphic retrofuturistic mystery series Ranger Paraversum, which starts with Johnny’s Girls.

A firm defender of all things romance and queer, she moonlights as a librarian and reverently updates her ‘Read’ shelf on Goodreads. She blogs about writing, reading and cosplaying at, shares her cat’s curious sleeping poses at @vesnakurilic and hopes against all odds that no one will try to reach her through her Facebook page.

Antonija Mežnarić

Antonija is a Croatian writer, editor, and speculative fiction fan. She specifically likes horror, urban fantasy and fairy tale retellings.

Her novella about nightmares, dysfunctional families and anxiety is the sapphic horror comedy called What do Nightmares Dream of available at the link. Mistress of Geese, a collection of queer folk horror stories (novelettes) became available on the winter solstice 2020 at the link.

You can read her short sapphic horror story Of Monsters and Dogs for free here.

For her book ramblings follow her haunted site or her Twitter and Instagram @antonijamezni.

Igor Rendić

Igor is a lot of things. A writer, a translator, a voracious reader, a cinephile, a podcast addict, a puzzle aficionado, a hiker and a lover of all things geeky.

His fiction in Croatian won several genre awards, his translations include over a dozen novels and hundred plus short stories and novellas. His work as a copywriter has so far appeared in everything from tourist agency pamphlets and lifestyle webpages to fashion and financial magazines. He makes a pretty good pizza and can be found (semi-successfully) burning off the calories hiking one of many local hills.

His first solo novel is the urban fantasy adventure A Town Called River, out now!

You can check out Igor’s Goodreads page or follow him on his Instagram and website.