Johnny’s Girls (Ranger Paraversum)

Could you fall for someone who looked just like you?

A lesbian dieselpunk novel in 70k words. First in the new series!

by Vesna Kurilić

An apprentice Cartographer, working for a secret society in a city which has just barely made it out of World War II, Karolina is just about to embark on her first job assignment in a parallel world. For her, the answer is about to become tricky.

Because Karol, the parallel world engineer looking for her help in a missing persons case, is everything she never thought she could be.

Including irresistible.

Coincidentally, the engineer is also Karolina’s exact copy, a one in a million doppelgänger—the one person you’re never supposed to meet.

As the two women team up to find a murderer in this decadent dieselpunk mystery, they will soon discover there’s more to each other than the surface likeness which the eye can see—making this, unfortunately, a matter for the heart to resolve.

And accepting her heart’s desires was never Karolina’s strong suit.

Johnny’s Girls is the first novel of a new dieselpunk romance series, Ranger Paraversum. Look for book two, Girls in Black, out 3/3/2021!

“You need to leave,” Karolina said, almost rising from her seat.

“Not until you hear me out,” her double said firmly.

“What if somebody sees you? What if my mentor finds out? What if she ends up thinking this is my fault?” Karolina hissed.

“Everyone here’s too high on their victory. No one’s gonna look at us twice.” The woman nudged the glass towards Karolina with the knuckles of her fingers.

“Slivovitz,” was all Karolina managed.

“Yeah,” the woman said, sounding unsure for the first time. It was damn weird how familiar the tone was to Karolina’s ears, and how many memories⁠—of the nuns’ school, but also of the time that predated the nuns, years before she’d learned to keep at least a semblance of control over her tone. “Do you like it?”

“Slivovitz?” Broken record. Scratched from the inside out, like something Anna had listened to too much, something worn thin with age and use. Karolina shrugged.

Then she grabbed the glass and poured it into her dry, rubbery mouth in one short move.

“It’s about the only thing I can stand,” she murmured.

“Me too,” the other woman said, sounding both relieved and intrigued. “What about coffee?”

“Can’t live without it.” Karolina shrugged, but the other woman’s interest was so warm, almost tangible, like an open flame, and twice as luring. Karolina tried avoiding her eyes. Didn’t manage it.

excerpt from the novel

Available Oct 30th, 2020. Preorder now!
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