Mistress of Geese

Mistress of Geese is a collection of folk horror tales about isolation, loneliness, destructive powers of nature, magic and creatures lurking in the dark.

by Antonija Mežnarić

The undiscovered, occasionally almost uninhabited remote areas of the old European land of Croatia hold secrets only the bravest of women can find. The only question is, will they survive the discovery or be taken into darkness as the land demands?

Jela lives in complete, self-imposed isolation, but when a malevolent curse falls down on the neighbouring town of Lepoglava, she needs to—quite simply—follow the geese.

Bura lives in a remote village, hidden in the Velebit mountain range in the late 1950s, when she gets lost in the woods, which have suddenly gone unrecognizable.

Four friends visiting the Istrakon sci-fi convention in Pazin get into magical trouble when they drink something they shouldn’t have touched.

Luka and Kate believed they had a perfect plan to trick strict village rules. Years later, Ema and Laura go on a perfect vacation in Dalmatia… except that the powers lurking in the depths of the sea have other plans for them, and so does the village itself.

Augusta is caught in a fairy tale in the worst possible way—as a maiden sacrifice to the river dragon for the safety of her postapocalyptic village. But Lian, as it turns out, isn’t really a dragon and Augusta has something else to bargain with, other than her life—something much, much more dangerous.

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