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A Town Called River

Returning decades later to his hometown of Rijeka, Croatia, to put things in order after his grandmother’s passing, Paul gets more than he bargained for—most definitely more than just a stuffy old apartment downtown.

His inheritance was magic.

Urban fantasy novel with a Slavic twist.

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Girls Back Home

What are your secrets worth to you?

In a world where everything is golden nothing truly glitters, and the secrets you don’t know can still cost you your life.

A lesbian alternative historical romantic suspense. Third in the new series Ranger Paraversum!

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It Eats Us From the Inside

It Eats Us From the Inside is a quiet, claustrophobic near-future horror novella about changes from the outside and from within, ecological disaster, aquatic dread and Slavic folklore.

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Freddie & Ivan Go Ice Skating Together

Months after living through the disgrace of having several people murdered at his own party, making him avoid polite society altogether, Freddie finally agreed to join his partner Ivan in a weekend getaway…

A #holigay mystery novella by Vesna Kurilic.

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Girls in Black

Building a city back up from the brink of ruin should be harder than facing your own past—right?

Join Lina and Karol in a new, slightly darker historical fantasy adventure in Lina’s own backyard. Because, if there’s a single thing that’s certain in the whole damn paraversum, it’s that nothing hurts as much as going home.

A lesbian dieselpunk novel in 58k words. Second in the new series Ranger Paraversum!

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Mistress of Geese

A collection of queer folk horror stories about isolation, loneliness, terrible magic and insatiable nature set to publish on winter solstice 2020.

A folk horror story collection by Antonija Meznaric.

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Krasna zemlja

[HR] Avanture i nedaće krsnika Krste nastavljaju se u drugom dijelu povijesno-fantastične trilogije Između orla i lava.

Političke urote, ratna akcija, mistične borbe drevnih bića te Istra rastrzana između dvije povijesne nemani otkrivaju nam se na stranicama Krasne zemlje.

Pročitajte više.

Povijesno-fantastični roman iz pera Ane Cerovac.

Datum objave: 21. travnja 2021.

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The Gentleman

The cosplay show has never been more thrilling or more dangerous.

A queer urban fantasy short story by Vesna Kurilić.

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What do Nightmares Dream of

There’s someone else living in Sanja’s flat and they don’t pay the rent. But for Sanja, the next time she falls asleep she just might end up paying the ultimate price.

A sapphic horror novella by Antonija Mežnarić.

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Johnny’s Girls

Could you fall for someone who looks just like you? An apprentice Cartographer, working for a secret society freshly out of World War II, Lina is just about to embark on her fist assignment in a parallel world. For her the answer is about to become tricky.

A lesbian dieselpunk romance by Vesna Kurilić.

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Upcoming Titles 2022

It Eats Us From the Inside is a quiet, claustrophobic near-future horror novella about changes from the outside and from within, ecological disaster, aquatic dread and Slavic folklore.

Release date: June 23rd

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Girl Across Worlds

How do you find someone when you don’t know who they even are?

It’s early 1946, the Cartographer chapter of the City of Rijeka is in turmoil, and the worlds of the known paraversum are under threat.

As their bosses combine their resources to stop the elusive, mysterious chapter that’s taking out others one by one, the girls find themselves at the forefront of a clandestine task force…

Out October 13, 2022!

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As the River’s Seasons Change

Book two of A Town Called River urban fantasy trilogy

Release date: TBA

Cover to be revealed.