What do Nightmares Dream of

There’s someone else living in Sanja’s flat and they don’t pay the rent. But for Sanja, the next time she falls asleep she just might end up paying the ultimate price.

A sapphic horror novella in 37k words.

by Antonija Mežnarić

Sanja has already made some hard choices in life. She took out a loan to get her own place for the first time ever, and now she’s repaying it by working at the most ungrateful job in history: elementary school teacher.

The last thing she needs is her nightmares to start tormenting her, as if her grandmother’s special breed of childcare wasn’t enough.

In a world that doesn’t believe in old wives’ tales, her options are limited. It’s now up to her to deal with her supernatural pest or forever fall asleep trying.

“You know, your nightmares are as lazy as the writing my students do. And they are kids! What is your excuse?” Sanja was still arguing with the air around her—not expecting her unwelcome roommate to give her any sort of answer—because she needed to get it off her chest.

Also, she probably shouldn’t be taunting evil entities, but fuck it if she wasn’t simmering with rage. They’d made her drool all over a student’s paper—so unprofessional!

excerpt from the novella

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