Submission Guidelines

Shtriga is currently CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS.

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What We’re Looking for: Genres

Urban fantasy, serial novels, character-driven magical realms. Historical fantasy gets special love, but if there’s magic in your story, give it a shot.

All types of supernatural horror welcome. Gothic tales, body horror, the macabre, disturbing imagery and dark themes will find a happy (albeit grim) home with us.

More than welcome in all speculative fiction sub-genres, but we won’t be publishing any contemporary romance. If your manuscript’s tropes have an AO3 tag, please let us know.

Diverse stories
Don’t bury your gays. Please. Just don’t.

Folk inspired
Slavic folk tales are our jam, as well as local fairy tales from all lands and well-researched historical settings.

Science fiction
While not uninterested, we’re a little less amazed by retro hard sci-fi. Quirky space dwellers and time travel welcome. Alternate history and retrofuturism even more.

Content & Formatting

Novellas: 20 000-40 000 words
Novels: 40 000-250 000 words
Solo short stories: only on submission call, 100-20 000 words
Short story collections: 25 000-75 000 words

Please note that, if your manuscript is out of the specified range, there’s still a possibility it might work for us.

Original, Unpublished Fiction
We’re only accepting fiction you’ve authored, and which hasn’t been made publicly available in any format or medium. No non-fiction and no poetry at this time.

If your manuscript is not yet finished, please include what you’ve got so far, as well as your synopsis and your projected writing schedule.

Manuscript format
We accept submissions in .odt and .docx. Submissions in .pdf will not be reviewed. Please use Times New Roman 12, double spaced, with no tabs (use indentations instead). Please include author name and manuscript title in the document header.

Cover letter & Bio
Your cover letter should include:
story length
your significant publishing history and awards (if applicable)
short bio (no more than 500 words)
e-mail contact information

Payment & Print info
Please note that Shtriga Books is not offering advance payment at this time. Upon manuscript acceptance, the royalties percentage from ebook sales will be stipulated in the author contract.

We work primarily with ebooks, with print on demand options.

Contact Info

During an open call for submissions please send your manuscript following the guidelines above at:

For all additional info feel free to contact us.

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