Shtriga is a small publishing house from Croatia. Our aim is to provide speculative fiction books for the wide market, primarily by Croatian authors, sharing our stories with the rest of the world.

All of our books are produced with love and by a small team of local professionals. We believe in diverse stories and high quality speculative fiction for all.

Why Shtriga, you ask?

The name itself hides several layers. One of them uncovers a very creepy and very dangerous animal that crawls through the undergrowth. The other, a more famous one, tells the tale of a very creepy and very dangerous creature from Slavic mythology. We adore one and frantically run away from the other. You choose which.


Local folklore from the Balkans through the eyes of modern writers with a horror twist

Diverse stories and protagonists in a wide array of speculative fiction sub-genres

Immersive serial novels ranging from magical postapocalypse to dieselpunk romance

Shtriga logo by: Korina Hunjak

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