Newest Release: A Town Called River

Are you interested in urban fantasy? How about Slavic folklore? Stories about people with supernatural powers, like krsniks, who are tasked with the responsibility of keeping the powerless safe from those who would harm them. Or stories about dangerous moras who hunt while you sleep. Or tales about evil shtrigas out to get your… blood? Well, then, you’re in luck, because our newest book, A Town Called River by Igor Rendić, is now out and available to read. Step on a journey with Paul, a new krsnik who’s plunged unexpectedly into this secret world of magic after the death of his powerful grandma. He came back to his hometown to get his inheritance, thinking it will only be a stuffy apartment. Instead, he got magic, secrets and a stack of unsolved problems.

The city of Rijeka lost its great protector and the heir is a bit lost in translation.

Get this tale about legacy, family, identity and belonging through your favorite store.

Meanwhile, if you prefer paperback, it’s going to be out in a few more weeks. Follow this space or our socials for the paperback release date.

The publication of this book has been funded by the City of Rijeka.

Published by Antonija Meznaric

Reading, writing and procrastinating.

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