Slavic Supernatural Story Lineup

Do you like fantasy inspired by Slavic folklore and mythology? Stories about Morana, the magical shapeshifting krsniks, the mysterious woodland leshy or the sinister rusalka?

If you do, we’ll soon have a book worth checking out! Our first anthology has all that, and more, collected in 11 fresh stories suffused with magic and Slavic culture.

We’re bringing you Slavic Supernatural: An Anthology of Slavic-Inspired Speculative Fiction, featuring the following stories:

  • Once Upon a Winter by Ivan Botica
  • Traveling Spring by Lidiana Bunda
  • Where the Birch Trees Sing by Greg Gajek
  • The Gentleman Hat by Ivana Geček
  • Kresnik and Zlatorog by Robert Norok
  • Out of Linden and Oak They Made You by Srebrenka Peregrin
  • Hunting Down the Unholy by Petra Rapaić
  • The Deep Woods by Josh Reynolds
  • From the Swamps by Miha Trochael
  • Morana’s Song by Petra Valković
  • Death Will See by Laura J. Veligor

Keep an eye on this space and our social media (@shtrigabooks) for future information about the pub date, the upcoming cover reveal, for a chance to meet our awesome authors and to learn more about their story inspirations!

The anthology is edited by Antonija Mežnarić and Vesna Kurilić.

Published by Antonija Meznaric

Reading, writing and procrastinating.

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