Cover Reveal: Slavic Supernatural

Something Slavic this way comes…

And it’s the cover reveal of our first anthology! It’s beautiful, eerie, and dark, just like the stories in the book. Can you guess which Slavic goddess was the inspiration behind it?

The cover was illustrated and designed by the talented Antonio Filipović, with whom we have a great collaboration. We love his eye for detail, exploration of the subject matter and symbolism (just look at the old hands!), and the way he can convey the atmosphere from the book into the visual medium. We’re very grateful for his work.

And what can you expect from the anthology? From the past to the future, across various Slavic cultures and throughout several European regions, this anthology brings you short speculative fiction stories inspired by Slavic folklore and mythology.

Darkness and light, grief and hope, gods and humans mingle on these pages as they take you on the supernatural journey of a lifetime.

As you travel through the Slavic lands of magic and mayhem, take special care—beware of the rusalka and of the creatures lurking in the woods, don’t mess with the thing sleeping in the cave, and whatever you do, don’t cross the goddess Morana… or your frozen corpse will be found, come next spring.

Dive into these eleven stories of seasonal changes, life, and Slavic wonder by pre-ordering the ebook. Book, both in ebook and paperback form, will be released on 28th of February.

The book features stories by: Ivan Botica, Lidiana Bunda, Greg Gajek, Ivana Geček, Robert Norok, Srebrenka Peregrin, Petra Rapaić, Josh Reynolds, Miha Trochael, Petra Valković, Laura J. Veligor. Foreword written by Karmen Fodrek, host of Mythoslavic podcast.

Edited by Vesna Kurilić and Antonija Mežnarić.

Published by Antonija Meznaric

Reading, writing and procrastinating.

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