Cover Reveal: Girls Ashore

Are you as excited as we are about the new cover for the next installment of our retrofuturistic, world-hopping and mystery solving redhead lesbian duo? It was hard to sit so long on this one, but it’s finally time for everyone to feast their eyes on the new Korina Hunjak cover art!

Without further ado, here’s the reveal of the beauty that is Girls Ashore.

Korina Hunjak always does an amazing job. What troubles are brewing for our couple, what’s the meaning of “ashore” in the title, and why the cave in the background is so looming, find out no later than Jue 24th, 2023, the new (and final) release date for the book, the fifth mystery in the Ranger Paraversum series.

Preorder the epub here, or catch up to Lina and Karol’s adventures by starting with book one, Johnny’s Girls.

If you could be anyone, anything, anywhere… would you choose to be yourself?

“Stranded. That’s what we are.”

An old mansion on a cliff, overlooking the sea, keeping its own secrets within. An artist colony with nothing to show for their work other than petty drama, missing art pieces and people running into the night. A disillusioned Cartographer desperate for company as the summer comes and the old ways are changed forever…

It would suffice to say Lina and Karol’s working vacation is not going as planned.

Stripped of the day to day hustle and bustle of deadly missions, away from their friends and family, waiting for the aftermath of their last expedition to unfold elsewhere, the fact that they’re all but babysitting a serial arsonist, with an agenda of his own, does not help the girls in the slightest.

Especially not once murder and mayhem come knocking on their door again, even in the peaceful parallel they’re hiding in, making the true issue at hand finally known—what future could two women with allegiances to different worlds of the paraversum ever claim as their own?

Girls Ashore is the fifth book in the sapphic retrofuturistic mystery series Ranger Paraversum. Start with book one: Johnny’s Girls.

Published by Antonija Meznaric

Reading, writing and procrastinating.

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