What Do Nightmares Dream Of—going live!

It’s time to wake up because our sapphic horror novella about dreams, repressed trauma and loneliness is now live!

What to expect from this title? Our protagonist Sanja has a lot on her plate. Not only is she in debt to the bank, stuck in an unfulfilling job with a non-existent love life, but there’s also a supernatural pest haunting her dreams. She has to fight her nightmares, decipher whether the new cute substitute teacher is flirting with her or not, and figure out what to do with her life.

With just a touch of a gloomy atmosphere, dark humor, lesbian yearning and a lot of rain, this novella plays with a twist on the old Slavic folklore.

Content warning: mentions of child abuse (backstory) and mentions of suicide (side character, past).

Sanja’s nightmares are waiting for you to read them here.

Published by Vesna Kurilic

Vesna Kurilić is a Croatian writer, editor and werewolf loving cosplayer. She currently subsists on queer (historical) romance, jigsaw puzzles and excessive plotting.

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