Wintery Goodness

Upcoming Shtriga Books winter releases

We are happy to announce our lineup for this winter season 20/21! Starting with December, our titles are ready for a chilly release schedule.

Freddie and Ivan go Ice Skating Together (Ranger Paraversum #1.5)

The first winter title is also a true #holigay treat, written by Vesna Kurilic. An Agatha Christie inspired mystery in historical drag, this novella has everything you need to tuck yourself in for a cool evening with cocoa and cookies—ice skating, murder, a fluffy and bantering established m/m couple, some suspense, a little holiday retreat on a glittery, snowcovered mountain range—except it’s all gone horribly wrong.

Even though this novella is part of Ranger Paraversum series, it’s a stand alone, and you can read it without any knowledge from our recently published lesbian dieselpunk romance Johnny’s Girls.

Mistress of Geese (collection of novelettes)

Set to publish on winter solstice, this title hides a number of eerie folk horror novelettes written by Antonija Meznaric. These stories about loneliness, isolation, terrible magic and insatiable nature span from more historical settings to contemporary times, ending in a dark, magical post-apocalyptic future. Completely queer, focusing on struggles of different women and (loosely) inspired by Croatian folklore, the collection Mistress of Geese gives a new spin on folk horror.

Krasna zemlja (Između orla i lava, knjiga druga)

We are honored to be able to announce our first title in Croatian and our newest author addition! Krasna zemlja, written by Ana Cerovac, is the second part of the award winning trilogy Između orla i lava. These novels are a deep political intrigue interspersed with bursts of folklore-inspired fantasy action set against the backdrop of an Istria torn between two actual historical beasts.

After the first book in the trilogy—Krsnik—swept up and took the Croatian public by surprise, Ana continues weaving the tale of her titular hero Krsto od Kastva, the adventures and obstacles he faces while trying to reunite with wife Marija, and the human stories of the Istrian people thrust in the war which ravaged the region in 1616.

Publishing date TBA, for now available in Croatian only.

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