February Romance Reads

If you’re looking for a steamy, geeky queer romance books, we’ve got you covered. Here are our romance titles by Vesna Kurilić, perfect for this month of love.

Johnny’s Girls, Ranger Paraversum, Book One

Johnny’s Girls is a novel about lesbian dopplegangers traveling the multiverse and solving murder mysteries. In this alternative history adventure, Lina and Karol are a part of a clandestine organization keeping the secrets to crossing over into parallel universes. When Karol needs to find out what happened to a former colleague who’s gone missing, she asks for help from the only person she can trust—her other-world self. Set in a historical setting, contrasting the aftermath of World War II to a world where the world wars didn’t happen, this dieselpunk romance with a dash of locked room mystery is perfect for those in search of some vintage lesbians. Book two is coming in early April, so you still have time to catch up with Johnny’s Girls.

Freddie and Ivan Go Ice Skating Together, a standalone Ranger Paraversum novella

It was supposed to be a romantic retreat in the middle of nowhere, with a posh party at an idyllic mountain hut. A chance to get back into society, showing off Freddie’s glorious dresses and meticulous make up, while Ivan pursued his own secret agenda that may or may not have anything to do with ice skating. However, Freddie and Ivan’s romantic plans were soon to be interrupted with a truly ice cold murder.

This novella can be read without any knowledge of Johnny’s Girls. A perfect winter read with snow, ice, drag getups and a murder most gay.

The Gentleman

The Gentleman is a short story with a geek at a convention who sees something he shouldn’t have. A bit of a steampunk tale, a bit of a terrified-but-horny trope, this hot short story sheds light at the fact that it’s sometimes better not to know what cosplayers do in the bathrooms.

Johnny’s Girls, Freddie and Ivan Go Ice Skating Together and The Gentleman are available on all major stores. For more information check out our books.

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