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We’re a bit late with this post, but better late than never. In case you missed our latest releases, we’d like to point out the great novels we published last month.

Girls in Black by Vesna Kurilic

Continuing where Johnny’s Girls left off, Girls in Black is the second novel in the Ranger Paraversum Series. This queer, retrofuturistic romantic suspense follows Lina and Karol in a mission in Lina’s world. What was supposed to be a romantic vacation soon turns sinister when Lina’s old orphanage asks her for help with a dead body. Aftermath of war, soldiers, possible witchcraft, confused nuns, and some steamy fun awaits you in the pages of this book.

Ranger Paraversum is a queer portal fantasy full of parallel universes, vintage lesbians, and a forbidden doppelganger romance. Perfect for fans of His Dark Materials who never get over the bench scene in the last book, and avid readers of Agatha Christie’s. 

If you still haven’t read the first part, Johnny’s Girls is available on most major stores.

Krasna zemlja by Ana Cerovac

Krasna zemlja, a continuation of the award-winning historical fantasy Krsnik, is now out and available in print and ebook. Krsto od Kastva is still trying to get to his missing wife, in the midst of the war between the Republic of Venice and the Uskoks over Istrian land. And while everyone begs for help with their problems and suffering, Krsto just tries to deal with his issues. But as a krsnik – a magical person who can heal wounds and fight for the good of the people – he has bigger responsibilities than just his marriage vows. Gritty and dark, this series portrays the horrors of war and how there are never good decisions to make when caught in its claws. Perfect for fans of Witcher. Available only in Croatian.

Published by Antonija Meznaric

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