Mistress of Geese—Now in Paperback

Mistress of Geese, the queer folk horror collection written by Antonija Mežnarić, is now available in paperback, too! As you can see, our cover photo artist Mojca Brenko-Puzak, a folk horror aficionado and an amazing photographer, took the opportunity to do a bit of a ‘coverception’ with her copy of the book.

Photo by: Mojca Brenko-Puzak

The book collects 5 novellettes about isolation, loneliness, terrible folklore, and insatiable nature. Inspired by Croatian folk heritage, these stories delve into fears and anxieties of queer characters while they’re fighting to survive monsters, supernatural and human alike, and getting lost in the forests, canyons, mountains or at sea.

Are you ready to follow the geese in the night? Or are you afraid of their Mistress?

The paperback edition is available through Amazon and Book Depository.

Published by Antonija Meznaric

Reading, writing and procrastinating.

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