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Today we have a bit of an announcement of another kind: during the next few weeks, there’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff happening on our social media. A group of first year Master’s students, from our local Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, have worked hard on illustrating the stories from our Mistress of Geese collection during the past few months. Through their college course “Ilustracija i strip B” (Illustration and Comics, B), under the mentorship of red. prof. art. Marina Banić Zrinšćak and her assistant Korina Hunjak, they’ve created beautiful illustrations and vignettes for the stories, and we’re pretty pumped to be able to share them with you.

We were so thrilled and honoured that the professors chose one of our books for the young artists’ practice, and we surely were more than excited to see the results! Join us on this trip around the five novelettes from the collection, all set in different parts of Croatia, in the following few weeks by checking out @shtrigabooks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Students from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka whose work we’re going to feature at this time are:

  • Ana-Maria Jurić
  • Antonio Filipović
  • Klara Punjek
  • Lana Drožđek
  • Lejla Tomić
  • Mariana Ban
  • Paola Glavaš
  • Petra Hršak
  • Sara Sabol

Be sure to check their other art out, too—there’s plenty of goodness where the featured illustrations come from!

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