Cover Reveal for Girls Back Home

Girls Back Home, the third installment of the Ranger Paraversum series by Vesna Kurilić, now has a cover and we’re happy to share it with you! Feast your eyes on this fantastic illustration, evoking the art deco style of the book itself, featuring the main characters and the omnipresent smoke—this time joined with a major feature of the book: the dreadful northern wind bora.

Cover art by: Korina Hunjak

The cover illustration artist is the amazingly talented Korina Hunjak, who also worked on the first two books. We spoke with her before about her work in a short interview you can read here.

What can you expect from the book? The adventures of our world hopping, mystery solving, dopplegänger lesbians, Lina and Karol, continue with the scariest situation of all—meeting your lover’s family. Especially if you have to keep the existence of the whole multiverse and multiple version of yourself a secret. It doesn’t help when dead bodies start to drop, too…

To learn more about our queer retrofuturistic romantic suspense series check out the first two books: Johnny’s Girls and Girls in Black, or you can read the standalone novella Freddie and Ivan go Ice Skating Together.

Girls Back Home is out 25th October, 2021, and you can pre-order it on all major stores.

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