Cover Reveal: A Town Called River

On this beautiful sunny day in Rijeka, we’re sharing with the world the first look on the cover of our urban fantasy novel A Town Called River by the award winning author Igor Rendić. This is Igor’s first solo novel, prior to which he helped write the historical urban fantasy saga Flumen Obscura with six other authors, and published numerous short stories, some of which amassed multiple regional and local awards for best speculative fiction works.

This beautiful illustration and cover design was made by Korina Hunjak, who also worked on covers for the Ranger Paraversum series by Vesna Kurilić. Since the story is set in the town of Rijeka, Croatia, literally ‘a town called River,’ the cover is playing with the layout of the town with letters following the river passing through to the sea. Its clear callout to the urban fantasy series Rivers of London also gives you a hint of the atmosphere and style you can expect in it.

Follow the journey of Paul, who returns to Rijeka under the sad circumstances of his grandmother’s passing. Soon, he learns she kept a whole secret life from him, one he now inherited. The legacy of his grandmother’s work as a krsnik—a traditional magic user tasked with keeping the thin line between the humans and the things that prey on them—falls on his shoulders, threatening to change everything he thought he knew about life, the city he left behind so long ago, and himself.

As the line keeps getting thinner, it’ll soon be up to Paul, with help from some unexpected (and witchy) places, to prove worthy of his legacy while fighting for the city’s humanity, and trying not to lose his own along the way.

A Town Called River is out this November. It’s perfect for fans of Rivers of London and The Dresden Files. You can add it on Goodreads, and we’ll soon have more details and a preorder links.

Published by Antonija Meznaric

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