Book Club Kit: A Town Called River

We’re always overjoyed when we learn that a book club somewhere is interested in our books and want to read them and discuss them. So, we wanted to make a little something for those who want to host a discussion for our Slavic urban fantasy novel A Town Called River by Igor Rendić, who is an active book clubber himself.

We present to you the ATCR book club kit:

Inside you can find: Igor’s letter to his readers, a little something about folklore behind the story and a few interesting tidbits about the town of Rijeka (the town called River), a personality quiz, and, of course, discussion questions suggestions. Book Club Kit is available for free download.

Also, good to know is that A Town Called River is available on services like OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Borrow Box, Scribd and for, Croatians, ZaKi Book (so if you know your library uses ZaKi Book, but don’t see this book in you ebook catalogue, you can try to request it through your library).

Let us know how it went and feel free to tag us @shtrigabooks on social media. 🙂

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