Donation Announcement

As a Slavic-owned publishing house which specializes in local folklore and themes—and as Slavic people ourselves—we’ve been watching the news from Ukraine with heavy hearts and an even heavier conscience. Especially since, as Croatians, all of us—owners and writers at Shtriga—have lived through the war for Croatian independence as children, so this hits close and we wanted to add in our contribution, if small, to keeping people in Ukraine safe.

After careful consideration, and with the time constraints, as of today, in agreement and with thanks to the authors currently with Shtriga, all of our royalties made this week, from all of our titles on all platforms, will be donated to Vostok SoS – an Ukrainian based NGO helping people during this crisis. We hope our tiny drop of support will bring at least a tiny drop of relief to somebody there. We also encourage you, if you’re in the position, to donate on your own, to any of these organizations: United Help Ukraine, Nova Ukraine, Voices of Children, Sunflower for Peace (fundraiser), Project HOPE, Save the Children, or check your local Red Cross and Caritas organizations for other types of help.

Thank you and keep safe!

Published by Antonija Meznaric

Reading, writing and procrastinating.

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